• General Questions
  • How is ExpertAngle different from other services?

    ExpertAngle makes the process of finding top healthcare experts across a broad range of topics easy and enjoyable. We are an online marketplace, so instead of coordinating through a third party, you get direct access to experts via an online interface where you can search for experts based on healthcare-specific criteria, review their profiles, screen them, and find mutual times that work for a consultation.

  • Who are your typical clients?

    Our clients include management consultants, investors, startups, or other business professionals that need expert input in order to inform their perspective about the latest trends in the healthcare industry.

    We are currently working closely with a select group of clients that provide management consulting services to pharmaceutical companies, hospital systems, medical device manufacturers, and Private Equity investors.

  • Does my company allow this?

    When in doubt, ExpertAngle recommends that you check with your company’s Legal department before getting involved with any expert network service.

    Additionally, we provide you with privacy settings, where you can select which companies can see your profile, and which ones to exclude so as to avoid potential conflicts of interest.

  • For Clients
  • What type of experts do you have in your network?

    Our network currently consists of over 900 physicians, payers, providers, consultants, and other professionals. For more details, please feel free to search our public profiles here.

  • How do you screen your experts?

    Our expert recruiting is focused on the current needs of our select group of clients. We take a careful approach in identifying potential experts, reviewing their profiles and background, and inviting them to participate in our network.

  • For Experts
  • How do I sign up as an expert?

    Go to our expert signup page, and complete your profile (this typically takes ~5 mins). You will be asked a series of questions that will help categorize your expertise and make it easy for our clients to find you based on several criteria.

  • Do I pay a fee to join ExpertAngle as an expert?

    No. There are no costs for joining the ExpertAngle network.

  • What can I expect after I sign up?

    • After we activate your account, clients will be able to find you by searching for criteria that matches your expertise and background, and view your profile (depending on your privacy settings)
    • When a client invites you for a consultation you will be notified via email
    • You will receive a description of the project and the types of questions they are exploring
    • If you decide to accept the invitation, a calendar invite will be sent to both you and the client, confirming the scheduled consultation
  • Is there a minimum level of commitment required of me? Can I turn down consultations from clients?

    You have full discretion over what calls to accept or decline. Each invitation will contain information about the project and questions the client needs help with. This will help guide your decision on whether to accept the invitation or not.

  • What is the typical format of interaction with clients?

    The most common format is phone consultations, which are 30-60 mins on average.

  • What hourly rate do I set?

    During signup, we encourage you to set your own hourly rate for providing consultations, which you can change at any time later. This starts at around $200 per hour but varies depending on experts’ background and experience.

    In the next few months, we will also give you the flexibility to set an hourly rate based on the type of request you are receiving from clients.

  • How do I get compensated?

    We pay you for confirmed consultations via your preferred method (e.g., check, direct deposit) on a monthly basis.

  • How does ExpertAngle get compensated?

    ExpertAngle charges clients a fee to connect with you. Experts are not charged any fees.

  • Other questions
  • I know an expert, do you have a Referral Program?

    Yes! If you’re interested in participating in our Referral Program, we are offering $100 per referred expert upon their first consultation.

    We give you two options for inviting colleagues: (a) you can share a link with them that we personalize to you or (b) you can list out their contact information and a personal message, and we’ll email them for you.

    You can always invite more colleagues at a later time.

  • Am I legally liable for the recommendations I give to clients?

    Our agreement with clients is that they will hear professional opinions from experts in our network. As such, you are not legally bound to the perspectives you express during your call. That said, we do encourage clients to submit a review after each consultation, which they can share with their colleagues.

  • Do you offer other services other than just consultations?

    At the moment, we are solely focused on the call format. However, we are actively exploring alternative ways to engage and compensate our expert community, including: (a) participating in surveys, (b) writing a column / opinion on our blog, (c) facilitating longer-term projects with clients, etc.